Qualities to Look for in Compression Socks

Compression socks are good for various medical conditions in the legs and feet. It applies gradual pressure on the legs with the highest pressure at the ankles that gradually goes down as the socks go up. The idea behind these socks is to push up the blood with this gradual pressure and ensure that more blood flows to the heart. It is useful for athletes, people standing for long hours, pregnant women, and even for those having issues like varicose veins.

Here are some qualities to look for in the compression socks for running or for any other use.

Perfect Fitting of Compression Socks for Running – The main use of compression socks is to apply gradual pressure on the legs. You need these socks to be properly fitting the legs but at the same time loose enough to be comfortable throughout the day. If you are buying these socks online then properly measure your calf circumference to find the correct fit.

Material for Athletic Compression Socks for Men – The material used for athletic compression socks for men should be breathable and soft. It should not react with the skin. The material should be flexible enough to fit your legs without rolling down while you run or walk throughout the day. It should keep the legs dry as running will make your legs sweat.

Compression Pressure – The pressure applied by compression socks may differ from one type to another. They can be lightly firm to extra firm. The firmness of the socks can be decided according to the leg condition that you need to address. Light pressure socks can work for minor pain and swelling, while those experiencing spider veins or varicose veins should opt for firm socks.

There are many other qualities like durability and maintenance that also play a major role in the selection of the compression socks. Check the above qualities and find the right fit!