Push your sportswear look to the next level

Dive into the world of fitness with the perfect gear – Leggings with cargo pockets, sports bra and pants and a lightweight athletic vest. In the 21st century, women have broken the chains of societal norms to engrave their names in the field of sports. From swimming, tennis and badminton to cricket, there is no space where women have not made their contribution felt. The right sports bra or top is not a mere cloth, it holds the sweat of resilience and grit.

SportPort Active’s women’s lightweight athletic vest is a versatile companion in all your adventures. Designed by creative genius using advanced compression technology. When you plan to enjoy an energetic jog in the chilly winter mornings slip into SportPort Active’s diamond quilted vest. It keeps you cosy, adding the perfect pinch of allure to your morning look. This medium to light-weight cover adorns a delicate hemline that gently drops behind. It also contains front zipped pockets which are EMF patented that safeguard your body from harmful UV radiation. Made in the USA, this tunic seamlessly transitions from function to style.

The highly rated Cargo Capris Compression leggings with cargo pockets have refined and retuned the perception of women’s activewear. When we say we create fashion-forward garments we mean it. From gyms to yoga sessions, you can enjoy every moment of spirituality and meditation without compromising on your style. Smartphones, cards and keys every item are within your reach. Connect your earphones, listen to your jam – Break a sweat with the drop of a beat. Softly pressing against your legs it keeps your blood flowing and reduces any pain and swelling you might get while exercising. Its moisture-wicking, anti-fade and anti-chafe properties make it an athlete’s prime preference.

The most important essential in a sportswoman’s wardrobe is the sports bra. There are only 3 S’s in the life of an athlete – Sweat, sports bra and strength.  Add the 4th S with SportPort Active. Interlined with flexible mesh material it provides maximum breathability while you stretch. Do you have your gym or dance classes next week? We have the perfect look for you – Donn sports bra and pants, tie a high pony, add a lip tint and wear your black sneakers. You will undoubtedly drop some jaws when you enter the class in your swanky attire.

It’s never too late to join the army of fit women, your journey begins when your mind is strong and your goal is clear. Choose SporPort Active to be your sports best friend – It is not a piece of clothing, it’s a companion.