Protect and benefit your brand by utilising the potential of Amazon brand registry

It’s no secret that terrific sales opportunities and a huge customer base fuel the allure of selling on Amazon. However, the sellers who own an active registered trademark can further unlock some benefits by enrolling with the Amazon brand registry. Safeguarding your brand against fraudulent sellers and infringers with a brand registry for Amazon (UK) will help to create a safe and trusted experience for your customers.

Amazon Brand Registry – It is an advanced program and a key component of brand services on Amazon to safeguard brands and customers from fraud and infringement. The program helps to protect your intellectual property (IP), manage your product listings, and ultimately drive your growth on Amazon.

Let’s understand some key advantages of enrolling in Amazon’s Brand Registry

Better control – It provides registered brand owners greater control over the product listing content.

A+ Content – You are granted access to Amazon A+ Content, which can be utilised to enhance the overall content and visual appeal of your product listings.

Amazon Stores – You get access to Amazon Stores, which gives you the freedom to create a multi-page store and personalised brand destination on Amazon to showcase your products.

Sponsored Brand ads – You can utilise advanced advertising options like Sponsored Brand ads to improve visibility and promote your brand.

Amazon Live – You have the option of conducting live streams to interact with shoppers through Amazon Live.

Amazon Vine – You can avail Amazon Vine Program to enroll your brand and receive verified reviews for your products and brand.

Dedicated support – You are offered dedicated internal team support to address and fix listing inconsistencies or any variations. The team also helps you with the escalation of IP infringement claims.

Brand analytics – You get a powerful tool like Brand Analytics to keep a close tab and monitor your brand’s overall growth & performance on Amazon.

Why should you create an Amazon brand store?

One of the primary reasons for creating an Amazon store is to improve customer engagement. Since it is a personalised shopping destination; customers can conveniently shop with minimum distraction from competitor’s products. You can curate an exclusive brand-centric experience for the shoppers.

In addition to enhancing the shopping experience Amazon brand store has multiple advantages:

  • Provides a great mobile shopping experience.
  • Drives internal and external sources of traffic for improved visibility.
  • Boosts organic rankings on Amazon SERPs, which further translates into better product visibility, improved conversions, and a significant surge in sales.
  • Provides an excellent platform to aesthetically present and promote your products among newer audiences.

An experienced store designer for Amazon can create a robust and visually appealing Amazon Store to perfectly organise and present your product collection. There are ample options available to showcase your products with stunning photos, attractive design templates, text, and other types of content. A storefront can also serve as a great platform for curating new product launches.

With Amazon brand registry you get access to various advanced tools and advertising options to boost your business. Considering the impressive track record of curbing infringements, it is a must-have for sellers who want to flourish on Amazon. If you are eligible, seize the opportunity at its earliest!