Optimize Amazon Sponsored Product Ads With Excellent Product Images

 Amazon has more than 9.6 million sellers, and every day thousands of sellers join the number! Which means customers have plenty of brand options when they shop online. If your product listings and Amazon Sponsored Product ads don’t convince them, they might simply skip to another brand. Product images on your Amazon advertisements play an immense role in driving traffic to your product listings. The better optimized your product images, the more the convertible clicks on your Amazon Sponsored Product Ads, and higher goes the sales! 

In the era of technology where even mobile phones can click high-resolution images, using sub-par product photos for your listings and ads is not an option at all! Search online for the best eCommerce product photography, Melbourne and get perfect Amazon-ready images. 

Why do you need excellent product photos for your Amazon Sponsored Product Ads?

When you advertise your products on Amazon, the first thing that a customer notices is the product image. High-definition product images give a clear idea of the product features and invoke customer interest to click on the ad. If your Amazon Sponsored Product Ads display inefficient images, the customer will never bother to click on them, or you might end up receiving irrelevant traffic to your pages. 

Excellent product images are a strong optimization strategy to improve your sponsored ads’ performance. Not only does it convey product information, but it also narrates your brand story and vision. With the leading eCommerce product photography, Melbourne, optimize your ads for convertible clicks and excellent branding. 

A few product image tips for Amazon Sponsored Product Ads and product listings:

  • Do not unnecessarily crop or minimize the image.
  • Ensure that the product covers 85% of the image area.
  • Product images must have a white background to enhance focus on the product.
  • Name your image files with the product identifier (Amazon ASIN) for SEO.
  • Do not include items other than the ones meant for sales. 

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