Listing Image Optimization Tips For High Sales

Images are one of the most powerful tools to bring conversions and sales. No wonder eCommerce photography is a full-fledged industry! Visual representation plays an immense role in driving traffic and enhancing brand representation. Humans love visuals and imagery, and this is the trait that sellers must use to their advantage! Amazon sellers who invest in the best eCommerce photography services at the right time can encash the benefits of instant customer gratification and retention. 

Amazon Listing Optimization Services

Apart from Amazon storefronts and sponsored ads, you need excellent Amazon images for your product listings. Sophisticated and high-quality product images are proven tools to scale up on the SERP ladder. Amazon listing optimization services can tweak your listings with HD product images for excellent sales and high ROI.

How to optimize your product images for your Amazon listings?

Do what Amazon says: Religiously following the Amazon image guidelines will help you align your listings with Amazon’s algorithms. Give SEO enabled-names to your image files. The guidelines can be technical for sellers, and professional eCommerce photography has got your back!

Requirements for main listing images: The main listing image is clickbait for shoppers online! 

  • Must have a pure white background with RGB values 255,255,255
  • The product image must fill 85% of the image area
  • Provide accurate product images without packaging or additional items
  • Blurry and pixelated images are an absolute no-no!
  • Models for products like clothes and shoes must not sit and pose. Always include only standing poses so that the customer gets a clear idea of the product features. 
  • Avoid texts, logos, or watermarks

Your Amazon listing optimization services can help you deal with the technical image requirements.

For main+additional images: Keep the size of the images at least 1000 pixels to enable the zoom feature. Do not compromise on image quality! eCommerce photography can help you click and edit perfected Amazon images. Ensure that the images do not contain nudity or inappropriate elements. Prioritize a logical order of images for a better customer experience. 

With eStore Factory’s Amazon listing optimization services, upscale your Amazon performance!