Learn to solve Rubik’s cube online

In todays world of smart phones and access to infinite gadgets, all the information in the world. With so many media around us and so many ways of entertaining ourselves still our primitive brains are somehow drawn towards crosswords and puzzles and all the brain teasers. Why because we are a species that is defined by our ability to think that is what gives us the edge over the rest of the animals. The millions and millions of years of evolution that has brought us here and placed us on the top of the food chain is only due the fact that we have the ability to think no other species on earth is like us.

Which brings us to Rubik’s cubes; this is one of the most popular puzzles around the world. It tickles our mathematical and observational logic solving abilities and maybe that is what pulls us towards it, no wonder it remains one of the most popular puzzles to this date. Hard to imagine people still take time out for such things. It is the appeal of it that we gravitate to. 

Unlike other puzzles or games which are based on our knowledge and memory this one is a bit different it triggers our cognitive thinking and the combined effort results in out problem solving approach towards solving the game. It makes us better at learning and what we learn whilst learning how to solve the puzzle can be used as a method towards problem solve in our day to day life. That is what we get out of it and keep with us mentally. There are a lot of places where we can train for a Rubik’s cube the most popular method is Rubik’s cube solve online training programs, these  are easy to access and they are convenient, you can choose your time and pace at which you want to work.