Learn to create the perfect sequence with Logic 101 online cube solver classes

Are you ready to master the magic of solving 30 different Rubik’s cubes? Feeling scared or confused that you will not be able to solve this cube, or feeling it’s just too complex? Do not worry! Everyone feels jittery when they face new challenges. What if we tell you that anyone can learn the mystery of these 3D puzzles? Whether you are a newbie or an experienced learner, everyone can benefit from this excellent block of cubes. It does not only expand your learning abilities but also taps the neuroreceptors in your left brain. Logic 101 can transform even this complexity into a fun class. Our comprehensive, organised programme has attracted children from all across the globe. We embarked on this journey to introduce this cube to young learners in India.

Rubik’s cube classes – Our classes cater to children from 5 to 7, eager to learn the skills of manipulating this cube. Cube masters with years of experience and in-depth knowledge are passionate to guide you step-by-step in this cubing journey. From basic notions and fundamentals to complex algorithms and methodologies, we teach everything here at Logic 101. We understand every child has different queries at different stages of their learning journey. The programme is summarised in a manner that no question will be left unresolved. Yes, you can call our cube masters, Rubik Encyclopaedia.

For students who cannot join our one physical class, you can access our online courses from the comfort of your surroundings. Our 5-point Learning Pathways programme covers every aspect of Rubik’s cube learning, with the completion of which you will receive a prestigious certificate that will help you throughout your life. Instructor-led sessions have proved wonders for our academy, reducing the dropout ratio to less than 10%. Join our online cube solver 3×3 classes now!