Learn the complex twists and turns of the Rubik’s cube

Crafted by the innovative genius Erno Rubik, this puzzle continues to grab the attention of intriguing minds all over the world. Available in different patterns and shapes, manipulating its diverse combinations keeps your child’s cognitive capacities to the maximum. In this competitive world with increased complexities, it has become difficult for the child to perform every task to the optimum. Learning the magic behind cube solving can provide that extra edge to your child, which will help them to learn faster and understand concepts easily. Step into the world of cubing with Logic 101 – Built for your child.

The Cube Master 2-level program is separated into two levels of courses with a capacity of 42 lectures, each personalized to meet your child’s unique demands. At Logic 101, we never push children to learn our way. We are careful about their learning capacities. Rubik’s cube solving is a skill that demands time and effort that can be conquered through practice. Cube magicians themselves will unravel every mystery that will help you to become the next champion. Tinkle your children’s lateral thinking capacities and boost their creative thought processes with comprehensive Logic 101 Rubik’s Cube classes.

Explore the benefits of Rubik’s Cube classes – 

  • Enhanced cognitive skills and learning abilities – The left side of your brain taps your learning capabilities and problem-solving capacities. While solving each combination, you learn the skill set to tackle every problem like a pro.
  • Unleash your artist within – Every child is an artist waiting to be tapped. Unlock the creativity in your child with Logic 101 Rubik’s Cube online classes.
  • The complex problem made easy – When they learn to maneuver different twists and turns and explore the complicated algorithms, they are learning to solve not only the cube but preparing to tackle problems they face in school.
  • Understand concepts faster – Our speed cube classes improve toddlers’ concentration abilities.