Join Pregnancy 101 for the best guidance in this crucial period

Pregnancy is the most beautiful yet the most challenging journey for a woman. A mother’s body goes through paradigm changes, both emotional and physical. It is crucial to take care of herself and the unborn child. Do you also need help to trust which diet to follow and which exercise to partake in? Don’t worry Pregnancy 101 is here for you. Founded by Rita Singha, a leading child childbirth practitioner, it aims to empower women in this profound experience. “Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body, a miracle of wisdom.” – Harriette Hartigan.

From pregnancy classes in physical centers to prenatal yoga online classes, we provide flexible courses for you and your child. Keep your mind and body at optimum throughout these 9 months and beyond. With patience, warmth and love, we take care of every aspect of your soul and body.

From Vadodara, Chandigarh, Delhi NCR to Ahmedabad, we aim to expand all over India to help mothers make the right decision and support them with each passing day. From prenatal exercises, pregnancy yoga, pain management, Hypno Birthing & information sessions to the Postnatal program, we cater to all.

Pregnancy exercise classes – We are here to debunk myths related to pregnancy. Most often, we have heard others saying don’t exercise and don’t pressurize your body as seriously. However, this is not true as you should engage in gentle movements and stretching exercises that keep you flexible and prepared for labour day. It is safe for you and your child. We have crafted every pregnancy class paying class attention to the stage you are in and what your body needs. As a mother herself of 2 beautiful daughters, Rita Singha seeks to guide expectant mothers all across India. Are you prepared to experience this extraordinary journey?

During your pregnancy, your body requires extra care and nourishment. Our childbirth educators will provide you with a healthy diet chart incorporating all the necessary vitamins and minerals which you need to feed. We give step-by-step guidance on what to eat and when to eat. which food to avoid and how you can healthily add your favourite item. Now, you do have to quench yourself by having yummy snacks.

Online prenatal exercise classes – Owing to your comfort, we have rolled out our online regime where you can gain full access to instructor-led sessions from the screen. These high-end sessions help you to perform lightweight aerobics and other movements that keep your fetus in the proper position and promote healthy growth. Our primary goal is to educate mothers on every aspect of pregnancy and encourage them to be part of this supportive environment where expectant mothers share common feelings and motivate each other for the good.