Inventory Requirements, Amazon Reimbursement Services, And More

Choosing a fulfillment method between FBA and FBM depends on your budget and requirements. Amazon sellers often prefer FBA because of its convenience and excellent inventory space. From shipping to storage to packaging, FBA does it all for you! In return, the seller must pay an amount as an FBA fee which is calculated based on the inventory quantity and dimensions. FBA also takes care of customer concerns, returns-related issues, and Amazon seller refunds.

Choosing FBA allows sellers to focus on creating robust marketing and advertising strategies to boost sales. However, no operation is perfect and flawless! Mistakes are bound to happen at the FBA warehouse. Reclaim your money with Amazon reimbursement services

How can I become eligible for FBA fulfillment?

  • The first and foremost requirement for FBA is to have a professional Amazon seller account. Once you have an account, decide the products you want to sell on Amazon. 
  • Amazon FBA has strict guidelines for inventory units. If your products fail to match the Amazon FBA inventory requirements, you will not be eligible for storage or other FBA benefits like Amazon seller refunds. Ensure that the products you send to the FBA warehouse comply with the FBA inventory policy. 
  • Further, in terms of inventory requirements, FBA expects sellers to pack their items well before shipping them to the warehouse. Make sure that the barcode is placed right, and the boxes do not have items moving around. 

In case of any inventory loss or misplacement at FBA centers, you can claim refunds with Amazon reimbursement services. 

What are some of the inventory restrictions for Amazon FBA?

  • Provide accurate box content information
  • FBA does not accept products that require assembly by the FBA staff
  • Products to be sold as a set must be duly labeled as ‘Sold as set’
  • Tightly seal bubble-wrapped items with tape to prevent them from falling out
  • Overbox sharp-edged and hazardous liquids for safety

Before you choose FBA, research more in-depth about returns, reimbursements, and Amazon seller refunds too. 

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