Inventory Reimbursements At Amazon For The Small Retailers

Judging by the size it would seem that Amazon is a logistical nightmare just by looking at the sheer volume of things. But you would be surprised to know that actually they have quite a smooth operational process. It did not get to where it is for nothing. But still they mess up sometimes it happens rarely, and when it does the small retailers are the ones that get stuck. But there are businesses like FBA refunds that provide services to protect those small retailers. FBA reimbursement services are aimed at these small retailers who do not want to waste their time and energy in fighting with Amazon for petty issues, they provide a complete package to handle such issues.

There could be a millions of reasons why you are owed a reimbursement from Amazon like follows.

  • Lost or misplaced inventory
  • Damaged inventory
  • It could be due to returns or refunds
  • You could have been overcharged
  • There could be shipments missing

There could be other reasons still but these are the major ones. How they work at FBA refunds is that first of all they get your details and access the sales transactions then their sales manager will go through the entire log to verify the case and follow up to the reimbursement process. They will then make a claim of your behalf and follow up the process to the end. They will charge you a fee of 12% only after you get refunded by Amazon completely.

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