How To Surprise Your Friends With Star Trek Collectables?

Do you find your close friends fascinated by the Star Trek franchise? Then you can plan to surprise them with the state-of-the-art Star Trek Collectibles of various kinds. Keep rooms open for customizations so that engraving the names of your amazing friends along with a sweet note is possible.

Online, you can find sellers showcasing the finest miniatures of the famous Star Trek props converted into various usable products from mobile chargers to Bluetooth speakers. Shop such useful gadgets for your friends that they can use in their daily lives and at the same time, they should have a touch of their favorite Star Trek franchise.

Here are some ideas that might help you—

Wireless charger

Choose a wireless mobile charger for your friend with a Command logo. You can get a built-in power bank while choosing the wireless charger. You can ask for customizations accordingly. Make sure the seller has the provision for customizations so that you can ask them to etch a small message for your friend or write their names on the USS Enterprise Star Trek product you purchase.

Bluetooth Speaker

Get an Enterprise D-shaped Bluetooth speaker for your bestie. Fans of Star Trek would love to receive such speakers with a sleep machine and LED screen with sound effects. Make your friend’s birthday more special by giving them this amazing speaker. You can also collect the speakers of different other Star Trek props.

Your friend would love to carry the Bluetooth speaker wherever they go. If you guys are planning for a day out or a walk in the park, carrying this amazing Bluetooth speaker will be great. Listen to music as you walk in the park or by the beach.

You can also collect wireless earplugs, mobile phone covers, etc. for your friend with a mark of Star Trek on them.