How To Go About Product Research On Amazon?

One of the most crucial steps towards building a robust Amazon success strategy is to conduct product research on Amazon to find potentially profitable products. Finding the right product to sell on Amazon is the essence of scoring a higher Amazon performance index and skyrocketing sales. 
A dedicated Amazon consultant can help you with in-depth product research and market analysis to find the best potential profitable product. They can also help you with Amazon sponsored ads and product listing optimization to boost your growth on Amazon. 
However, if you are planning to conduct product research on Amazon by yourself, have a look at the given tips.

Here’s how you can get started with product research on Amazon:

Scan through Amazon lists: Well, it’s Amazon product research, so the obvious first step is to head to Amazon! Start your research on the Amazon bestsellers page. View the top 100 bestselling products, scan through categories and sub-categories to get a comprehensive idea. Also, keep an eye on the Amazon-sponsored ads that appear on the SERPs. 
Set a meeting with your supplier: You can easily get to know more about the best product trends and details about the highest selling products from your supplier. You can also get a good discount and free-of-cost insights into the market trends and dynamics of product profitability. 
Keep a close eye on your competitors: Your competitors might be already successful on Amazon and you can benefit from their success! Keep a track of your competitor’s product listing optimization and Amazon-sponsored ad practices. You will get a better idea of what are their most successful products by observing their PPC strategies. 
Google it too! : Keeping a check on Google trends will help you with product research on Amazon. Keep getting notified about the latest and relevant Google trends to identity potentially profitable and sales-worthy products. 
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