How to do SEO for your Amazon Webstore?

If you are selling products on Amazon, you need to understand the importance of SEO efforts for your product pages. If your pages don’t rank on Amazon searches, you will not get visibility, visits, sales, and revenues. When it comes to SEO on Amazon webstore, you need to have a carefully planned strategy that can bring desired outcomes.  

In this post, we will discuss some of the things you need to take care while doing SEO for your Amazon store. 

Sales Rate

If you don’t know what the sales rate is, it is a number of orders a particular product receives in a day. This information is checked by Amazon’s A9 algorithm and then it determines the relevance of your product. This is the number one ranking factor on Amazon. If your products are not purchased by visitors, no matter how many keywords you use in your content and images, it will produce no results. Hence, it is very important to concentrate on your sales rate and conversion rate. 


When you are writing down your product’s title, remember that it is the most important thing for SEO. Keep the product title as relevant and specific as possible while using primary keywords in it. 

Key Feature Bullet Points

When writing product features on a product page, you can write up to five key features of your product in bullet point format. Now, if you have any long-tail keywords, it is the best time to use them in these bullet points. You will not be compromising on sentence structure here. 

Keyword Research

When you do keyword research, you need to ensure that you choose keywords with good search volumes. In fact, the keyword research must start from the point you are doing product research Amazon to get the best keywords that might rank well. 


This is a crucial part of your SEO on Amazon webstore. However, your customers will not be able to see it. Metadata includes dimensions, color details, information related to categories, metadata search forms, etc. For each product, you need to fill out this information to improve your SEO.