How to Claim Your Amazon Seller Reimbursement?

Amazon seller reimbursement is a great way to earn some extra cash from your FBA operations. Even though essentially it is your own money that you are claiming back, it helps you to keep a vigilant track of your payment movements. Regularly reconciling your FBA reports and seeking Amazon seller reimbursements help you save a lot of money from going untracked.

Like other services, Amazon product photo editing, PPC management, and optimization, FBA reconciliation and seller reimbursements are a necessary step towards a healthy account.

Are you eligible for Amazon seller reimbursements?

According to the FBA policy, you are eligible for an FBA seller reimbursement only under the following conditions:

  • The item is registered in FBA at the time it is lost or damaged.
  • The item complies with FBA product requirements and restrictions and with FBA inventory requirements.
  • You have sent Amazon the exact items and quantities stated in your shipping plan.
  • The item is not pending disposal or was not disposed of at your request or because Amazon possesses the right to dispose of it.
  • The item is not defective and was not damaged by a customer.

How to claim your Amazon seller reimbursement?

  • Prepare a valid claim with precise information and proof to substantiate your claim
  • Go to the reconcile tab, and submit your claim for the discrepancies under the FBA policy
  • In case of damaged items, place a claim through the Contact Us segment in Seller Central
  • Provide the Amazon shipment ID, proof of inventory ownership, and proof of delivery
  • Wait patiently, and once Amazon accepts your claim, track your reimbursement progress to get your money

It is always better to file manual claims because, unlike manual claims, Amazon largely rejects automated claims. Like your professional Amazon product photo editing services, seek professional help with your FBA concerns too. An FBA consultant can help you file claims that guarantee your rightful money to you.

Seek your money with FBA Refunds

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