How Should Small Retailers Deal With Damaged And Missing Inventory Issues With Amazon

Amazon is a vast place, and many retailers use its space for ecommerce. The logistics involved and the sheer number of sellers and buyers making up its daily working look nearly impossible to handle. Still, with over 3 million sellers online, Amazon manages to perform. The sellers safeguarding their inventory is of utmost importance, as most of them work on a small budget and cannot afford to lose a single penny.

How should small retailers approach the subject of Amazon FBA Missing Inventory?

Amazon FBA Missing Inventory is a real issue for small businesses that sell on Amazon. But you can take steps to minimize the risk of a lost shipment.

  • First, ensure you ship your items within 24 hours after they go out of stock.
  • Second, monitor your shipments with tracking software like Ship station or Trackable Shipping Label.
  • Third, personalize your shipping labels, so there’s no confusion about what’s being shipped and who sent it.
  • Fourth, always ship from the same address, so there’s no suspicion about whether one shipment went missing and USPS delayed another until it arrived at its destination.

Following the above steps will not solve the problem but will ease the burden on you as a seller!

How to deal with the Damaged Amazon FBA Inventory issue as a small retailer?

Damaged Amazon FBA inventory is a severe problem for all small and medium-sized retailers. It occurs when an item arrives damaged or late.

When you receive damaged products, you must take action immediately to protect your reputation and avoid future losses.

In addition to taking action on your own, you can also do a few things from a seller’s standpoint. First, keep track of your products during shipping by using an online tracking tool like Track A Package. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your package is secure. Second, make sure that your packaging is clean and professional looking. Third, ship your items on time, so they arrive in good condition and don’t get delayed in transit.