Go Wireless And Hassle-free With Doctor Who Qi Wireless Charger

Functional collectibles are the ultimate blessing! You can end the guilt of spending money by giving in to your fandom urges and buying dummy and purposeless collectibles. The Doctor Who TARDIS Qi wireless charger comes as the handiest Doctor Who collectible with the perfect TARDIS design and powerful Qi charging. 
Doctor Who Qi wireless charger is available not just with the TARDIS design but also get the licensed Doctor Who Weeping Angel design at FAMETEK.

What are the benefits of Qi charging?

Buying the Doctor Who TARDIS Qi wireless charger is not only going to add that sci-fi feel to your set of accessories but also comes with a lot of convenient benefits:
  • It allows safe and portable charging. You can carry your Doctor Who Qi Wireless charger with you to comic cons and charge your phone anywhere without having to miss the fun, looking for power sockets.
  • Wireless chargers offer quick and powerful charging. You will not have to repeatedly charge your phone as the Doctor Who TARDIS Qi wireless charger comes with 5w charging and an 8000 mAh backup battery.
  • Well, while most Qi chargers in the market are only iPhone compatible, this Doctor Who collectible features versatile compatibility. It works for iPhone 8 and up, Samsung, and other phones that support Qi wireless charging. 
  • Wireless charging offers hassle-free charging. Clear the wired clutter off your table and bags and stylize your table-top with the Doctor Who TARDIS Qi wireless charger.

FAMETEK’s Doctor Who Qi Wireless Charger

FAMETEK’S licensed Doctor Who TARDIS and Weeping Angel Qi wireless chargers are the next best collectibles you can add to your collection. The cool and omnipresent TARDIS design and the terrifying Weeping Angel design are just the perfect elements to add that sci-fi touch to your life. The LED illuminated logo indicates and lights up when charging. Just put your phone to charge on the pad and that’s it, easy and hassle-free charging! You don’t even have to bother to remove the cover of your phone as the Qi pad inductively charges through most lightweight cases. 

Shop for more functional collectibles at FAMETEK

Apart from the cool Doctor Who Qi Wireless chargers, get licensed Star Trek collectibles like speakers and combadges too at FAMETEK!