FBA Reimbursements: Learn about Types, Eligibility, and More

Amazon FBA sellers must be familiar with the term Amazon FBA inventory reimbursements. In this blog, learn more about reimbursements in detail about the eligibility and types. Amazon FBA inventory reimbursements are compensations that Amazon owes you for damaged or lost inventory. Let’s look at the types of Amazon logistical inconsistencies when you can claim for Amazon reimbursements.

How to check the amount Amazon owes you as Amazon FBA inventory reimbursement?

The first thing you need to do is to check your Inventory Adjustments report by downloading it from Seller Central. 

  • Login to your Seller Central account
  • Under the reports section, select fulfillment and then click Inventory adjustments
  • Download in .csv or .txt format
  • Save the file on your computer
  • View your report and scan for any inconsistency or discrepancy. 

Report reconciliation can be boring and tiring. With the help of Amazon consultants, you can deal with the hassle of reconciling your reports quickly and accurately. Amazon consultants will circle out each reconciliation gap and make a note to form valid and substantial refund claims for Amazon. 

What are the types of FBA reimbursements?

  • For inventory lost or damaged at the FBA warehouse or inbound shipments: While handling inbound couriers, the shipper may accidentally damage or misplace your products. This is when you can apply for Amazon FBA inventory reimbursement.
  • For items destroyed by Amazon without your permission: If Amazon finds certain items received in an unsellable condition, it may destroy the items without informing you.
  • Customer return issues: To enhance customer experience, Amazon ensures rapid and convenient customer returns. While doing so Amazon may refund the customer even if the item fails to reach the warehouse or the returned item is damaged.
  • Incorrect or wrongly charged FBA fee: Amazon may charge extra due to wrongly mentioned product dimensions and weight. 

With the help of FBA Amazon consultants, you can easily find discrepancies in your reports and file for an FBA reimbursement under the right category for guaranteed refunds.

When are you eligible for FBA reimbursements?

According to the FBA reimbursement policy, you are eligible for reimbursements only under the following conditions:

  • Your item must be registered under Amazon FBA at the time of damage or misplacement.
  • 2Your product must comply with the product requirements and guidelines of Amazon FBA.
  • our shipping plan must mention the exact details and quantities of the item.
  • Your product must not be pending disposal at your request.
  • The product under question is not a defective item.
  • In case of customer return, the customer did not cause damage to the item.

If ignored, unsought Amazon FBA inventory reimbursements can nibble a large hole in your funds. To keep your account and funds healthy for optimal brand value, you must regularly audit your reports and logs and seek Amazon FBA inventory reimbursements on time.

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