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Is your child distracted from studies or facing issues while studying for a long period? In this fast-paced world, it’s observed that every second child is addicted to their phone, tablet, or laptop. These short content run for 30 to 60 seconds children find it interesting, but have you thought how badly it can affect your child’s confidence and cognitive capacity? Children are becoming impatient and restless day-to-day. We understand as parents, you might be facing these issues, and tackling them can be particularly challenging. To improve your child’s concentration and boost problem-solving abilities, continue Logic 101!

Did you know Rubik’s cube can help solve this issue? While manipulating every sequence, children learn how to utilize their left brain, enhancing memory and recall factors. We have developed 28 techniques and patterns for solving each cube in an engaging and fun as the first one.  Our program goes beyond these 4 walls of learning, it teaches students to stay relentless, patient, and committed towards their goals in life. The Rubik’s cube represents life and its every color mirrors the seasons you come across. When life throws its challenges, you should remember there is no one way to solve the issue, you always create your path. In the same manner at Logic 101, we believe in instilling in young wonders that there is no single method of solving the cube. Our team of dedicated cube masters conducts holistic Rubik’s cube classes that encourage children to realize their creativity and develop innovative problem-solving strategies. Tap every mechanism and algorithm with one-on-one training and a personalized approach.

Enroll with an online cube solver 3*3*3 and learn the magic of manipulating the Rubik’s cube. You can access classes anywhere at any time!