Excel Online With Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon

One of the Amazon tools that can improve organically driven traffic to your product detail page and Amazon storefront is Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon. It is a feature that allows sellers to add additional multimedia content to their product listings. It provides relevant product details and conveys product information to the customers within a window of a few seconds. EBC pages effectively influence the purchase decisions of customers by convincing them to make informed and rapid purchases. Not only sales but Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon improves branding through attractive and professional layouts.

With the help of an Amazon seller consultant, you can get EBC content strategies that will drive organic traffic and higher conversion rates to your product detail pages and storefront.

What are the requirements for Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon?

  • EBC can be used only by those sellers who have registered their brands with the Amazon Brand Registry. If you have yet to register your brand, your Amazon seller consultant can help you with the Amazon Brand Registry.
  • As of now, EBC is free of cost, and therefore you must leverage the tool as soon as possible.
  • You must prepare and submit your EBC design and content to Amazon for review. You will be notified about the review result within 7 days’ notice.

How to create EBC Pages for Amazon listings?

Here’s how you can use Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon to optimize your product listings for more organic traffic and sales.

  • In your Seller Central account, choose EBC under the Advertising tab.
  • Plan your layout and start creating content that abides by Amazon guidelines.
  • Assemble your content and start creating the EBC pages. Use images and eye-catching design features.
  • Customize your EBC pages to reflect your brand identity and story.
  • Put in ASINs to specify the listings you want your EBC content to appear on.
  • Preview and submit your EBC to Amazon.

eStore Factory: Amazon Seller Consultants for the best EBC strategies

We provide research-driven and data-based strategies for Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon. Our team of Amazon experts, graphic designers, and content curators design and develop EBC pages that exhibit your brand excellence and showcase your products with arch professionalism and creativity. Join us for a rewarding business experience and sure-shot digital success.