Amazon EBC

Enhanced Brand Content Amazon Is a Brilliant Choice for Progression

EBC or Enhanced brand content is a great feature meant for the vendors who have a registered brand within Amazon. The sellers who still have not been engaged with the brand registration process must go for it and look at the amazing tools such as Enhanced brand content Amazon. From a seller’s perspective, EBC is an effective feature that explains the selling aim visually. Besides this, it also increases the conversion rate and brand building. Numerous methods of creating an EBC are available. Out of those methods, three of them are- Recap the main selling objectives, spreading out of brand uniqueness, and pre-emptively viewing the clients’ concerns.

What Are The Ways Of Gaining Access To EBC?

Luckily, the EBC listings are accessible to the sellers who are selling the items of other people. On the other side, the retailers do not have such kind of features. As a seller, when the Brand Registry accepts your branded products, then you are qualified for Enhanced Brand Content Amazon. In the products such as multimedia, books, and digital products, EBC is not permitted to employ. There might be a probability that the EBC feature turns out as a paid feature in the forthcoming years.

It may take one week for the EBC to be into action after the seller has uploaded and submitted the EBC application. There are various reasons due to which your EBC application can get rejected. Reasons for the application rejection:

  1. If the seller brings and uses copyrighted images or symbols.
  2. If there are third party quotation from the reviewers.
  3. There should be nothing like guarantees or warranties on the items meant for delivery. Consequently, it would lead to rejection of your application. Amazon itself provides such things.
  4. Make sure that there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Now let us find out the good side of an EBC or A-plus content:

  1. For grabbing the interest of the audience, it is important to go for exclusive images. Visuals always support the matter of sharing information with the customers in a quick time. There is a big chunk of images on a social media platform like Facebook. Around 93 percent of images on Facebook are very captivating. I many reports, it has been discovered that the content having convincing pictures on an average receives more than 90 percent views than written content. If you want to participate in the Amazon sponsored ads management, then you must see EBC or A-plus content as a core factor to success.
  2. The second good side of having this feature in your accbvount is the improvement in Return on Investment of paid ads. If any user clicks on any of your products by the Amazon display ads and witnesses EBC content is contradictory to a simple description, then the user might be spending some moments on the same page. Thus, it results in generating a sale, and it also means you would be acquiring long-lasting ROI of the Amazon display ads. EBC could be unforgettable even if the viewer did not purchase any of the items.
  3. The inconsistency between the client’s expectation and what they get is the core reason for more and more product returns and terrible customer’s responses. It does not matter who was responsible for the error. EBC engages in loads of graphical content and informative pictures to form everything simple regarding what is being offered and sold. There will be fewer product returns and bad responses if the sellers and buyers are on a similar page that features what is being sold.

Mobile Optimization

It is considered as one of the best perks of having an A-plus content or EBC. Mobile optimization is accessible to all the sellers who are utilizing this feature. Many clients have mobile phones in their hands when they attempt to buy something from Amazon. But whenever they try to access through mobile, they get to see the first 200 words of every product description. After all this, they open a new page so that they can have a look at all the other information. You need to have better mobile optimization as most of the shoppers are using the internet via mobile.

EBC Designing Instructions

  1. Try not to show pictures that have already been used. It is against the guidelines. The user may sense that you are providing them with repeated content as whenever they scroll up and down, they notice many images that they have seen early.
  2. It would be great if you are using the fonts and colours that suit your product brand. Hence, this will make the brand look more consistent and memorable. A large unit of buyers will like to engage in your product. If you are seeking advancement in customer quantity, then you should start with Amazon sponsored ads management.
  3. Verify that the text directly narrates the picture. It would give meaningful descriptions and benefits as featured in the related picture.
  4. The text should be short and catchy. It is important not to add anything unclear to the viewers.


Amazon says that they have observed a sudden rise in the sales rate, which was about 6 to 12 percent by using this amazing feature of the product description. In most interviews of the Amazon customers, it has been discovered that almost 60 percent of them reads product story. Therefore, this can be a big break for you. Go for this feature and produce supplementary information for the budding customers. Leave your typical brand description in the back-end.