Easy Guide to Buy the Best Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s cube is not a kid’s toy or a show item to display in your living room, it is much beyond that. With more and more Rubik’s Cube online classes being offered by cube experts, it is now easy for any cube enthusiast to become a cube master.

If you have been planning to take up a cube as your new hobby then the first step is to buy yourself a good Rubik’s cube. Your selection of the cube may mainly depend on your preference and budget. However, a few key things are worth considering while buying the one!

Stability for Cube Master – Stability is an important attribute of any cube. It is even more important for cube master that indulges in speedcubing. A stable cube will not deform with quick movements. This may not mean much for the beginners carrying out slow movements, but it would slowly make sense once your speed increases to 5 moves per second.

Turning Speed for Rubik’s Cube Online Classes – While fast turning or smooth turning cube would matter to everyone, it is even more important when you are taking lessons online. The smooth turning will help you concentrate more on the lessons instead of concentrating on the movement of the cube. Similarly, a fast-moving cube will allow you to practice faster movements while taking your lessons.

Stickers or Plastic – You will get the cube with stickers or plastic pieces. You may select the one based on your personal preference as both these types may not affect your performance.

Adjustable Tension – This feature will help you tighten or loosen up the cube pieces. This feature works only when the cube is used for some time and the pieces are moved till the layers of the cube smooth out.

You may find all these cubes online at the best price with all the features.