Create Quality Listings and Storefronts With Amazon EBC

Your business needs an Amazon Enhanced Brand Content designer. One of the main goals of Amazon sellers is to boost conversions and sales. Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is a free tool by Amazon which allows sellers to add infographics and customized templates to their product listings and Amazon storefronts. It enables a better and cohesive shopping experience for the customers and allows the seller to showcase product excellence through customized layouts and creative multi-media content. An expert Amazon Enhanced Brand Content designer can create EBC designs that reflect brand uniqueness. 

Amazon consulting can help you improve branding strategies and develop a holistic brand shopping experience for your customers.

What should be the goals of your Amazon EBC design?

The four main goals that your EBC design must orient are:

  • Increase the number of high ranked and relevant keywords
  • To add HD product photos, lifestyle photos, and creative infographics
  • To create easy-navigation layouts and product catalogs
  • To optimize EBC designs to be device-friendly

Your Amazon Enhanced Brand Content designer can help you create designs that center on customer gratification and enhance the online shopping experience. With the right market insights and competitor research, you can get the perfect EBC design to fetch traffic and boost conversions. 

With the best Amazon consulting services, you can capitalize on customer satisfaction with customer-oriented and data-driven strategies.

What are the best practices to create an optimal EBC design?

  • Creatively present maximum product details and information through infographics
  • Use the right template and colors to establish brand excellence and brand story
  • Don’t stuff content and information. Add digestible, easily readable content
  • Focus on design uniqueness to set your brand apart from competitors
  • Make your content interactive 

Your Amazon Enhanced Brand Content designer will know exactly what pleases customers online!

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