Chirp! Command Through Your Star Trek Pin Like It’s The 24th Century

Nowadays, getting the best collectibles from your favorite show has become a trend. A few decades ago, the only Star Trek merchandise one could find were posters and dummy cardboard models of Spock or tabletop Daleks. With the advancement of technology that the creators of Star Trek once predicted, today you can get functional Star Trek merchandise. 

At Fametek, you can buy the functional Star Trek pin. The TNG season had the crew members pin their Star Trek Badge with the Delta insignia to the left side of the uniform. Get your own Star Trek pin communicator and talk like it is the 24th century. 

Trends And Technologies That The Star Trek Series Predicted:

  • The Federation Credits of the Star Trek banking system is a fictional precursor of the modern-day digital currency system of blockchain.
  • Remember how Doctor Spock and Captain Kirk talked and commanded through the Enterprise computer? Voice interface is the reality of today with voice assistants like Alexa and Siri. 
  • Modern-day mobile phones are inspired by Star Trek’s communicators and now Fametek’s licensed Star Trek Combadge brings to you a functional Star Trek pin.

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Fametek’s Star Trek TNG Combadge

With Bluetooth 4.2 technology and excellent audio engineering, the Star Trek TNG combadge brings to you an advanced communication system for hands-free and ear-free communication. With a perfect Delta replica design with fine silver coating and electronic engineering by Massive Audio Inc, it is the best functional Star Trek merchandise you can add to your fan collection. Just like the crew’s Star Trek badges, this device connects to your phones and tablets and lets you call, text, listen to music, and even translates with just a single button push! With powerful magnets at the back, pin it firmly to your shirt and don your Star Trek pin like a true Trekkie! 

Wouldn’t it be so cool to own a 24th century Star Trek pin a few centuries early!

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