Boost your child’s cognitive abilities with our engaging one-to-one Rubik Cube classes

Rubik’s Cube, though perceived as a toy, is more than just that, it engages the left hemisphere of the brain, which is crucial for reasoning and learning. Our team of passionate cube masters teaches more than 30 unique techniques for solving the Rubik’s cube in the most easy-to-follow steps. The Rubik’s cube was devised by the Hungarian architect and professor Ernő Rubik in 1974 while he was studying at the Budapest College of Applied Arts. He wished to design this cube to improve spatial and cognitive reasoning among his students. To name it after Erno Rubik, the Ideal Toy Corporation renamed it the Rubik’s Cube. From mathematical solving, logic, and reason to problem-solving, this educational tool has encouraged children to enhance their concentration, critical thinking, and memory.

Since its inception, it has garnered attention that transcends across generations. It has intrigued not only children but also adults from all across. Available in multiple shapes, sizes, and innumerable sequences, its appeal lies in the satisfaction of solving it. In India, we have seen exponential interest and intrigue among young minds. We have opened our Rubik’s Cube classes at Bodakdev in Ahmedabad. Our team of cube masters, through years of knowledge and expertise, is passionate about teaching every individual the art of solving complex sequences. From children to adults, this powerful tool has captivated a community of Rubik’s cube fanatics, which includes children and adults from every walk of life.

Logic 101 has also crafted Rubik’s cube online classes for children who are fascinated to learn to solve the Rubik’s cube. Each online class is conducted by an interactive instructor who guides you through 30 ways of solving the sequence. Register with Logic 101 – We provide resources and tools that help your child unlock their inner potential.