Amazon Sponsored Ads and Listing Optimisation For Better Brand Visibility

Amazon PPC advertising has grown more than ever, whether it be PPC ads or product display ads. In fact, reports claim that Amazon’s ad sales already crossed billions, setting a new high.

Amazon has consistently expanded each year, but this past quarter showed particularly impressive growth of 150%. Many seasoned marketers have forecast that by 2020, Amazon will overtake Google and Facebook as the third-largest sellers of digital advertising globally and in the United States, respectively.

For those who are yet to experience the benefits, here’s a brief run-down.

What Is Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC Ads for certain product listings on are known as Sponsored Products. When a customer clicks on an Amazon sponsored ads and investigates the product, the advertiser is compensated. On the sites for shopping results and product details, they are visible. By employing sponsored products, you may target clients who are actively looking to buy the products they need.

Significant Benefits of Amazon Listing Optimization

Better customer acquisition

By focusing on particular products or categories, or by engaging audiences that have watched, browsed, or bought similar products, you can attract new clients and increase your customer base.

Product awareness

You can target pertinent product categories on Amazon using Sponsored Display, and you can modify your targeting based on factors like category, brand, price, and Prime eligibility.

Brand loyalty

Additionally, you can use Sponsored Display to upsell or cross-sell to your existing consumer base. You can use product targeting to showcase related goods on your own product detail pages. This encourages customers who are already evaluating one of your items to additionally think about your other products as a replacement or as a complement.

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