Amazon Reimbursement Services: How to Handle Lost and Missing Inventory in Shipments

As an Amazon seller, it’s important to be aware of the various reimbursement services that Amazon offers in case of lost or missing inventory. These services help sellers recoup their losses and ensure that their customers are not disappointed.

The need for Amazon’s Reimbursement Services

One of the sellers’ most common scenarios is missing inventory during shipments to Amazon. This can happen for various reasons, such as carrier mishandling, incorrect labelling, or being lost in transit. In such cases, sellers can file a reimbursement claim with Amazon Reimbursement service. This service allows sellers to request reimbursement for items confirmed as shipped to Amazon but not received. To file a claim, sellers must provide tracking information and proof of shipment, such as a shipping label or receipt.

How to handle issues with Shipments Missing Inventories to Amazon?

Another service that Amazon offers is the “Lost and Damaged Inventory Reimbursement” service. This service is for sellers who have experienced Shipments Missing Inventories to Amazon. Sellers can file a claim for items confirmed as received by Amazon but later found to be lost or damaged. To file a claim, sellers need to provide information such as the order number, the SKU of the item, and the quantity of the items lost or damaged.

It is important to note that sellers should file their claims as soon as possible in both cases. Amazon has time limits for filing reimbursement claims, and failing to file a claim within the required time frame may result in the claim being denied. Furthermore, Amazon may charge a long-term storage fee for lost or damaged items in their warehouse for over 365 days.

In conclusion, Amazon’s reimbursement services are a helpful tool for sellers to recoup losses from lost or missing inventory. By staying informed about these services and filing claims promptly, sellers can ensure that their customers are not disappointed, and that their business is not negatively impacted.