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Amazon Product Photography: Tips for DIY Product Image

If you’re an Amazon business owner or retailer, you’d know that product photography is key to success. A great product photo can make a shopper want to buy your product, while a bad photo can lead to them scrolling right past it. In this blog post, we’ll give you tips for taking DIY product images that are sure to make your products stand out from the competition. So, whether you’re just starting on Amazon or looking for ways to improve your photography skills, read on for some helpful advice!

Why Is Product Photography So Important For Advertising On Amazon?

Product Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words, and that statement has never been more true when it comes to online advertising. To make your products stand out on Amazon, you need a high-quality Amazon Product Photography Service that can help showcase them in the best possible light. So let’s explore the importance of product photography for Amazon businesses!

  • Nurture Sales And Improve Customer Satisfaction:

You can have a successful business on Amazon if you know how to take good product photos. It is important for the customer’s satisfaction since they contribute significantly towards nurturing sales and generating new leads from other customers who view your products with an eye for quality in mind!

  • The Best First Impression Of Your Customers:

The right image can make all the difference in your selling experience. Customers are looking for products they love, so you need to stand out from other sellers with great photos! The right main image can make all the difference when it comes to standing out from your competitors and encouraging potential customers to click through for more information.

  • Convert More Customers With Detailed Product Photos:

When you’re selling any product, it’s essential to know what will make or break your customers’ decisions to purchase. So when people look at products online and want more information on a particular item before buying it, detailed product photos can help them take the plunge!

From a business standpoint, having Amazon product photography is an investment that can pay off. Not only does it increase customer attraction which in turn boosts click-throughs and rankings for your website or app, but it also helps to differentiate you from the competition by using unique images not found on other sites!

Product listing optimization plays a vital role in advertisement ranking on Amazon, and having high-quality product photos is a form of optimizing your Amazon listing. 

  • Reduce Returns And Negative Feedback:

When shoppers can see exactly what their purchase looks like, they will be less likely to return it or give negative feedback. This is why providing accurate, detailed, and high-quality product photos is so important.

14 Tips For Amazon Product Photography:

Tips For Amazon Product Photography

The key to success in any business is good photography. Don’t let expensive gear or photographer fees hold back your product photos! We have compiled a list of 14 easy tricks that will help elevate your Amazon listing! These clever tricks will make life easier for you and get the best shots possible without breaking a sweat or worrying about production costs!

  • Get A White Background:

Do you have no background to showcase your product? No problem! Use a white card. White cards are an essential tool for any DIY photo studio. For one, they will provide a clean and white background to your product shoot and can also be used as an infinity curve sheet for your products! Just ensure that these cards are always clean so they don’t ruin your product photos.

  • White Card Can Reflect Light For Your Shoot:

Do you need a fill light? Or maybe something to bounce the camera’s spotlight off of. A white card will also reflect into your picture, giving it an extra shine! But what if we want more than just directional lighting – how about some soft shadows from above or below our subject using sheets placed at different angles for that soft light look?

  • A Size Reference Should Always Be Included:

We all know the struggle to determine the size when shopping online. When people buy online, they often just look at the pictures and assume that what is shown in those shots reflects the actual size. But it can be hard to guess how big an item will be before delivery. This leads to miscommunication and unusually high expectations in the minds of your customers.

To put it simply, the product’s dimensions are often not enough to make an excellent first impression, and shoppers will look at photos and price points without reading the details. Consider taking a photo with someone holding or wearing your product to avoid customer complaints. You can also include other items in the picture that are common and easy size measures, such as dollar bills and rulers.

  • Never Underestimate The Power Of Product Listing Optimization:

To give your customers a great browsing experience, you need to make sure their images load quickly and promptly. This means optimizing your Amazon product photography!

The wrong type or size of the image can slow down the website and hurt your product ranking on Amazon. Therefore, it’s important to select images wisely so they don’t burden the server while also keeping in mind that an over-reliance on these large files may make visitors less engaged with what is being shown off!

You need to strike the perfect balance between quality and optimization. If you go too far with either one, your images will be of poor quality or not accessible to your customers.

  • Use Glass For Your Product Photos:

Want to create a creative and interesting product background? Use glass! It offers reflective surfaces, which add more detail to your shot. Glasses also work with almost any type of photography shoot – they will never fail you when it comes to choosing the perfect backdrop for cards or other products that need to display their beauty beautifully.

Use glass items at your home to make these DIY product photos. You do not need any more money to get creative results!

  • Incorporate Nature Into Your Shots:

Sometimes, the best photos are taken outside. Product shots that feature your products in natural environments like parks or beaches give you a more authentic feel and make all of those improved features come alive with color!

Product photography is a huge industry, and many types of product images work well with an outdoorsy aesthetic. For example, health care products photos should have a natural setting to show what they’re designed from. Outdoor items such as backpacks may also benefit from shots showing off how practical they’ll be to use them during your next adventure abroad. Food products can also showcase delicious-looking meals in a picturesque setting to appeal to customers.

The outside world is your oyster when it comes to product photography. You have to use different backgrounds and plenty of natural light. It all requires time, so as long you’re prepared for the search process, you can win at this! The best thing about these types of shots? They’re free.

  • Fishing Wire To Create Product Rendered Images :

Fishing wire is a great tool for photographers because it won’t ruin your image, and you can find this product in any fishing or DIY store. The material makes the best wires to create beautiful images!

You can use this to lift objects from the base of your lightbox or anywhere you want. Then, suspend it in natural surroundings and shoot at different angles for an edgy look! If the wire is visible, you can easily edit it out post-shoot.

  • Get A Good Camera:

Good Camera

Investing in a quality camera will give you the ability to take amazing photos. Of course, some people have taken great shots with their iPhones, but there are so many features only available on professional cameras that it’s worth investing in one!

The iPhone camera is very high resolution but not as good at capturing details compared to a DSLR. This means that you need to post-process your images if taken from an iPhone. To make the product look more appealing, you can add different lenses to a camera and change its focus.

  • Avoid Use Of Filters:

When taking pictures of products, it’s important to use the best lighting and ensure your product appears accurately. Filters can be used for both purposes to alter how something looks and whether the lighting is good. However, it does not accurately portray the product’s appearance, which can end up increasing customer dissatisfaction. This can hurt your sales exponentially!

If you still want to touch up your product images, we recommend post-shoot editing.

  • Blur The Background For Lifestyle Photos:

When it comes to creating cool backgrounds for your products, bokeh is an example of a popular and simple style. Bokeh can be done by any specific type of lens or camera technique that produces a blur effect. This showcases your product as the hero of the image and draws attention to it, especially in lifestyle photos. You do not need the Bokeh lens to achieve this, as it can be done in post-shoot editing. 

  • Nothing Is Bad Photography Until You Have Seen It On Your Computer:

When taking product photos, don’t delete the images directly on your camera. Instead, wait until you see them on your computer where they’re larger and easier for you to see before doing so- this will allow better judgment of which shots work best in terms of quality! You might even find that a picture you thought did not look good has some great qualities that you overlooked initially!

  • Play Smart Using Color Psychology:

Color psychology

Color psychology is heavily used in the product marketing industry. Since lifestyle product photography is all about capturing the right emotions for your products, you should use color psychology and create a more engaging output tone of voice to make customers want their next purchase with ease!

For Example:

Many advertisements about desktops, phones, tablets, etc., use a sleek black background for their product photography. The sleek, rich black background of these electronics is a sign that they are sophisticated and secure since that is what black as a color represents.

When it comes to product marketing, colors can strongly affect customers. Using different shades of blue in sunglasses advertisements may help ease them into making purchases. Green is known as the “buy-now” color as it induces this tendency among consumers in need or want of something right then!

  • Main Image Selection:

When selecting the main image for your Amazon listing, ensure it is the best possible representation of what you are selling. This photo will be seen by potential customers and encourages them to click through Amazon’s website, where they can find out more about your product!

  • Offer Variety In Your Amazon Product Images:

When it comes to Amazon images, the more variety you can offer your customers – whether in terms of size or style- will help them find what they’re looking for much easier. This is because there is an abundance available on this site which means people don’t always need specific recommendations before placing orders!

The output should be professional yet engaging with some description of how these photos positively contribute to customer satisfaction and sales by providing individualized nurturing at each screen appearance.


Product Photo

So, what have we learned? First and foremost, Amazon product photography is essential for any successful Amazon advertising campaign. But don’t worry – it’s not as difficult as it may seem! With a little practice and some of our tips in hand, you should be taking beautiful product shots like a pro. If you need help getting started or want to outsource the entire process, a professional product photography service can help. Contact one today to learn more about how you can improve!