Amazon Listing Audit: Routine Health Checkup For Your Amazon Product Listing

The online marketplace is a kaleidoscope. With a myriad of sellers, tools, and updates, at no two moments is the eCommerce platform the same. For your Amazon business to continue thriving amidst the market dynamics, continuous monitoring, analysis, and optimization are the ultimate keys. Amazon listing audit is the process of observing and analyzing the listing performance and coming up with the right optimization practices and solutions to enhance product and brand performance.

With Amazon marketing services experts, you can audit your Amazon product presence and find all the scopes of improvement and optimization.

Why is Amazon listing audit crucial for brand performance?

Let’s say the product you are selling is a natural aloe vera gel cream. Back when you launched your product, you assumed that the label “natural” is enough to attract customers to your listing. Today, with so many natural and sustainable products on Amazon, how is your product going to outshine others to reach your customers? From the very title, images, description to the product quality requires optimization to withstand the volatile demands of customers. Amazon listing audit helps you to identify the gap between your product presentation and customer expectations.

Auditing requires in-depth knowledge of the dynamic market trends, and Amazon marketing services experts can help you with it.

How to go about Amazon listing audit?

Hiring an Amazon marketing services expert is the best way to go about auditing your Amazon listing for substantial insights into your Amazon growth chart. What does your Amazon listing audit report include?

  • Brand appearance 
  • SEO and keywords
  • Copy practices
  • Pricing strategy

Once you receive a detailed auditing report and review, you can improve your Amazon product presence and performance with the following tips. 

  • Optimize title with unique brand name and high volume keywords
  • Add high-quality lifestyle images for better customer engagement
  • Make optimal use of bullets and description space
  • Price your products competitively 

eStore Factory: The Amazon marketing services expert you are looking for!

With technical auditing and extensive research, our Amazon experts will help you with Amazon listing audit to provide detailed insights into your Amazon account and listing performance. We help you create highly converting listing copy for higher sales and enhanced brand identity.