3 Indications That Your Septic Leach Field Needs Cleaning

Septic leach fields are an important component of the residential septic system. This is the area that receives water from the septic tanks. It has a network of perforated pipes that is as crucial as the septic tank itself. The failure of the septic leach field needs to be tackled in time else it will call for the entire leach field replacement.

Here are a few signs to notice before you find the best septic leach field cleaner

 Slower Water Drainage May Call for Septic Leach Field Cleaner – Drainage in all the water outlets in the house may completely stop when the septic leach field is completely clogged. Before reaching this stage, the water drainage usually slows down and this is the indication you may look for!

  1. Green Field – Green field full of plants, grass, and lush green bushes on the drain field may be good to see but would indicate the failure of the drain field. You may have done the septic tank treatment, but that would not stop the leach field from failing. More water seepage through pipes along with sewage waste would be good food for the plants. So, now if you see a lush green leach field then get the cleaning system in place.
  2. Water Puddles May Call for Cleaning Beyond Septic Tank Treatment – You may have treated the septic tank and won’t face any problem in the drainage initially but the puddles near the leach field would be alarming. If you see the water level rising near the leach field then better get it cleaned or treated else it will lead to complete failure.

 There are other signs like foul odour near the leach field, reverse flow of the water into the tank, and unwanted clogging of drain pipes that indicate the leach field is due for a cleaning.