Turn your eCommerce Dream into Reality with the eStore Factory

In this virtual realm, Amazon has played a foundation in changing the ways we look at online shopping. Who knew you could do business without selling in physical stores? Converting homes into offices, now you can earn heaps of dollars even without pitching your products live to the audience. Within the screens, the selling and buying process is seamlessly supported. It has revolutionized the e-commerce world having etched its name forever in golden letters. From a small online bookstore, it has now become a multinational company holding a population of millions. It was the dream of the entrepreneur visionary Jeff Bezos in 1994 that today has become a reality. Businesses and customers coverage to not only fetch products but to build lasting relations. Amazon has come to be not just an online retail store, but it has become the bread and butter for many, empowering businesses to raise their true potential.

Amazon Brand Registry – Your brand protector and guard

With millions of brands from every walk of life on board and a substantial customer base, it has also been the victim of hijackers trying to harbor others’ intellectual property for their profit. To stop this malpractice, Amazon rolled out the brand registry programme, allowing authorized sellers and vendors with a target make to register their brand in this programme, thus protecting it from the vying eyes of just looters. Now, your selling experience will have no breaks. Gain a competitive edge over all other brands present on this platform.

Let me show you how to do it – It is simple!

  • You need an active trademark that is legal. If you’re selling in multiple marketplaces, then you require a trademark for each of these.
  • You have to add the category and subcategory that fits best for your product and include it in the list.
  • Create a new brand name that is not shared by another business, add your business details and submit, it’s time for the official to check thoroughly.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Design – Known widely as the Amazon A Plus moment, the EBC is the method of elevating bland product listings into money-minting pages. Your product detail page holds every information about your brand and makes the most of it. Why limit your access to mundane FBA descriptions when you have the opportunity to show the world the uniqueness you hold? Fine-tune your titles, bullet points and descriptions in a way no customer can ignore your product and hit the ‘buy now’ in minutes. It is not just a way to find information but to let your brand story out to the world. Taking the visibility process to new heights and sales unprecedented acceleration, our PPC experts craft campaigns that not only bring sales but also build a brand presence that lasts a lifetime. From Sponsored product ads and brands to Display ads, they know which ads will reap the maximum benefits.