Listen to the perfect audio with best speakers from Massive Audio

Open your vision to a new realm of sonic experience and harbor a synergy of mind-boggling music. With Massive Audio premium sound systems, the car becomes your live band and you become the DJ. 5-channel amp, car audio subwoofer, and monoblock car amplifier are the perfect combination of balance and massive sound quality. Available in multiple watts, impedance, air space and sizes, it’s crafted to fit any car and truck. Pump up the bass, and ditch old speakers. Our speakers define modern technology and exceptional sound balance and are now available at the price you want. Before hopping on your adventure, install a car audio subwoofer and kindle your passion for music to unparalleled peaks.

Subwoofers – Enjoy the beats of a visceral bass with Massive Audio HIPPOXL122 – 12″ 2000 Watts RMS Dual 2 Ohm 3″ V.C. Mega Subwoofer. Why our subwoofers are chosen amongst thousands of other subwoofers? Only a true music lover can understand the value of this giant boombox. It’s the result of constant hard work and mirrors the creative bent of mind each engineer has. In the center, the stout 3” coil is fit which can manage heaps of power and heat to produce perfect sound. The HippoXL12 shocked everyone with its reinforced Kevlar Fiber, surround foam, paper cone and mirror stacked back. A 1200 watts range of frequency is nothing for it. It fiercely oozes magical notes with zero distortion.

Monoblock car amplifier, the boombastic soundwave belongs to our Blade BP series. Built on the roots of “Live, Loud and Play Hard. The built-in OEM converters and RCA inputs will easily transform signals to 9-V directly. Its radio sensing capacity makes it extremely special. Imagine it can turn on your stereo with an Auto Turn On, 5-way protection, PCBs, SMD mil specs and full Mosfet high-grade switching devices meet the “World Wide Standards”, “ROHS”, and “And e-Mark” and are CTA2006 Compliant.

5-channel amp – Did some say power-packed performance? We have for you our 5-channel amp, also called the monster. An advanced version of the 4-channel amplifier there is no other amplifier like the Massive Audio 5 amp. Known as the powerhouse of sonic space, it can connect five mega speakers. You can choose the best amplifier from our Trident Series, designed just for you. Your marine excursions are sorted with the P65 Certified amp – It’s water-resistant and Bluetooth-friendly – What more can you ask for? This Class D design can configure with 3 ~ + 12DB Variable Bass Boost from 40 Hz – 100 Hz. Its Dura-Coated 320°F Epoxy PCB and nickle-plated RCA keep your system new and away from saltwater splashes. With most of our products going out of stock, order your sound stem quickly before you regret not owning this world-class amplifier.